Affiliate by Secomapp

Professional tools for your affiliate campaign

Our roles

Assist setup process

Everything is handy and clearly instructed with pre made Affiliate program, Affiliate registration form, Email templates,...

Getting ready is easier with our Quickstart and Checklist that helps you keep track of important setup.

Track referral automatically

Referral order will be recorded automatically and instantly.

Commission for affiliate is calculated immediately based on program commission structure.

Payout details are clearly shown with detailed instruction.

Report and analyze

Display and analyze affiliates' performance visually with details of affiliate clicks, sales, orders and purchased products

Stand out with Affiliate by Secomapp

Multiple tracking methods

  • Affiliate link
  • Coupon code
  • Product SKU
  • Customer email

Recruit affiliate easily

  • Convert customer to affiliate
  • Marketplace listing
  • Multi-level marketing

Automate your program

  • Premade program with registration form
  • Automatic notification emails
  • Auto-create affiliate link
  • Auto-generate coupon
  • Instand tracking with detailed analysis

Instant & free support

  • Responsive team ready to help you set up and grow
  • Support team always listen to your request and open to any feature suggested

Merchant's roles

Step 1: Set up
Step 2: Recruit affiliate
Step 3: Review & Pay


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